Optical Nanoscopy Blog


Andor Learning Center

Featured on the Andor Technology website, offers information on confocal microscopy, digital imaging, and applications.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy Online Campus

Sponsored by ZEISS, this educational site contains interactive tutorials and review articles on the fundamentals of microscopy, as well as leading-edge technologies. Included are image galleries and an extensive reference library.

Hamamatsu Learning Center

Targeted at education in digital imaging, this site is sponsored by Hamamatsu Photonics. Included are review articles, interactive tutorials, and image galleries.

Leica Science Lab

A scientific and educational portal for microscopy and histology that offers topics ranging from the basics to specific application know-how. This site is sponsored by Leica Microsystems.

Life Technologies

The technical resources section of this site features a series of Flash video tutorials on fluorescence-based techniques.


Information site on microscopes and microscopy techniques featuring news articles, a microscope buyers’ guide, and a comprehensive microscopy web resource guide.

Molecular Expression

Sponsored by Florida State University, Molecular Expression is perhaps the most comprehensive microscopy education site on the Internet. The site contains review articles, interactive tutorials, image galleries, K-12 optics projects, and the discussion of topics in general  cell biology.

Nikon MicroscopyU

Education site sponsored by Nikon USA, Inc. that features review articles, interactive Java and Flash tutorials, digital image and video galleries, references, and the annual Nikon Small World competition.

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center

A site sponsored by Olympus America Inc. that covers a wide range of topics in optical microsocpy, including basic concepts, the physics of light and color, specialized techniques, digital imaging, fluorescence, and confocal. Also features image and video galleries.


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