Optical Nanoscopy Blog


Microscope Manufacturers

  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy
    Features information about ZEISS confocal, widefield, and stereo microscopes, software, cameras, industrial products, accessories.
  • Leica Microsystems
    Products for microscopy and histology, including confocal, stereo, digital pathology, software, cameras, and staining accessories.
  • Nikon Instruments: Microscopes and Imaging Systems
    Products featured: Microscopes, measuring systems, semiconductor instruments, digital pathology, cameras, software, optics, and accessories.
  • Olympus Corporation of the American Inc
    Information about cameras, medical and surgical products, industrial products, and life science and imaging systems (microscopes)

Scientific Digital Camera Manufacturers

  • Andor Technology
    Products include low light imaging cameras (EMCCDs), scientific CMOS cameras, microscope systems, and time-resolved cameras.
  • Apogee Imaging Systems
    High performance CCD camera for astronomy, microscopy, and spectroscopy. The website also features CCD University, containing information about how digital cameras work.
  • Hamamatsu Photonics
    One of the world’s largest manufacturers of detectors, Hamamtsu products include sCMOS, EMCCD, and cooled scientific CCD camera systems. The company also offers complete microscope systems, accessories, and software.

Fluorescence Filters

  • Chroma Technology Corporation
    One of the pioneers in filter technology, Chroma offers a wide range of high performance filters for microscopy, light sources, and fluorescent samples.
  • Omega Optical
    Featuring “Curvomatic”, an online filter spectra database, the Omega website contains information on filters for microscopy, astronomy, and industrial application.
  • Semrock
    This company introduces ion-beam sputtering technology that revolutionized the filter industry for light microscopy. Semrock filters feature sharp edges and high transmission.

Fluorescent Dyes And Proteins

Spectral Viewers For Fluorescent Dyes And Filters

Software For Acquisition, Processing, And Analysis


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